SovPlym Products

SovPlym Industrial Ventilation Systems

Extraction Arms


Fully flexible self-locking extraction arms enable you to capture any airborn pollution direct at the source. A variety of extraction arms focus on all sectors of industry, for example, we produce extraction arms white or in stain - less steel to be used in food industry, pharmaceuticals or chemical industries.



We offer filter solutions for many sectors, based on different mechanical and electrostatic filtration. Filters specifically designed to suit the various applications and requirements of dry filtration of dust, aerosols including aerosols of oil and coolant liquids, with particle size down to hundreds of microns.

Dust Collectors


Stationary filters with self - cleaning cartridges are designed to clean dry air flows from dust and smoke, as part of the air cleaning / recirculation systems or the exhaust ventilation systems. Cartridges are cleaned by compressed air that brings considerably improved cartridge life, minimizes filter maintenance and operational costs.

Electrostatic Filtration


In electrostatic filter all filter elements are cleanable. It means that they do not need to be changed and can be used for many years, that is an absolute advantage since it significantly lowers maintenance costs.

Oilmist Filtration


SovPlym of fers a range of filters, specially developed to handle oil mist and emulsions. The advanced 5-step filtration technology and design guarantee a continuous and steady airflow with superior filtration leading to a safe and mist free working environment.

Freestanding Wall Extraction Panel


SVP-5000 extraction panel is designed for stationary suction of air polluted with medium and coarse non-explosive, non-coherent dust particles. It is the most simple and effective solution for works involving machining of large-dimensioned parts in processes

Direct Flow Cyclones


The cyclone is installed horizontally as a coarse (preliminary) filter directly in the ventilation channel. We recommend installing a cyclone before the fine filters of the industrial ventilation systems, to prevent these from damages from coarse particles or sparks.

Gas Filter


Ion-exchange filters Downflow filter modules are designed to clean air as part of ventilation systems. The Ion-exchange filters from gas components emitted during welding or metal thermal cutting operations. These filter modules are ONLY USED AS FINAL STAGES and installed after mechanical filtration from dust & aerosols.

Welding Tables


SovPlym welding tables are professional work stations equipped with air pollution capture, & various types of exhaust devices for workshop processes of welding & light grinding. The tables are designed to support work pieces during the process & are suitable for any kind of welding (MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG, etc), cutting, grinding & many more applications.

Clean Cut Table (CCT)


SovPlym has a long experience in designing, supplying, mounting, servicing and maintaining equipment intended for both manual and automated metal thermal cutting. You are welcome to consult us to get competent guidance and equipment information.

Industrial Fans


Sovplym produce wide range of medium pressure high-momentum industrial fans, that are made by the unique Swedish technology (impeller).

Vehicle Exhaust-Extracting Systems


Vehicle exhaust fumes are a hazard in vehicle repair workshops, car inspection stations and alike. SovPlym’s products and systems can be used for all types of vehicle – from cars to heavy vehicles.

Emergency Response Exhaust Removal Systems


SovPlym have long experience of exhaust extraction systems to master the specific needs fire and emergency stations. No matter the size of your station, sizes / types of vehicles or frequency of operations. We offer a complete range of products and systems, and on top of that the knowledge how to build the optimal solution.

Smoking Cabins Dialogue


Freestanding modular smoking units that easily can be installed almost anywhere. Our smoking cabins remove any odor, gas or smell of tobacco. And not only this, the warm, filtered, clean fresh air is recycled into the room to maintain the indoor temperature.

Industrial Hoses


Sovplym offers a wide range of industrial hoses of its own production. Hose tubes are produced from modern materials such as polyurethane resin, heat-resistant tissue materials, PVC, neoprene and silicon.

Stainless Steel Edition


It is our mission to supply producers with special hygienic and quality demands, with suitable air treatment systems that deliver efficiency, cost and energy savings as well as a healthy working environment.